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Yes, I’m serious.

In the past month, I have moved into a new apartment. I moved with no furniture because all the pieces I had from my parents’ house were hand-me-downs from my mom’s teenage years (yes, even the mattress). If her vintage Sears collection had somehow miraculously managed to survive the trip down two flights of stairs, they most definitely would have not survived being pushed up two more flights of stairs by two very non-professional movers.

That being said, I elected to purchase new furniture. I tried to thrift as many pieces as possible for the sake of…

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Terms like ‘productivity’ and ‘self-care’ get thrown around a lot.

Type either of those words into any search engine or social media site and you’ll be greeted with pages of aesthetic Pinterest boards, tutorials on implementing the Pomodoro Technique, listicle lifehack lists, and Instagram posts where the glorified picture of success is a young adult in wire-frame glasses and a cable-knit sweater sipping chai tea at their immaculate work desk.

I have some bad news. The cavalry is not coming. …

The years between 26–30 have been interesting so far.

Growing up, the age of 18 was touted as being the official marker of adulthood. You could finally register to vote and exercise your most powerful civic duty. When you turned 16, you can drive! That’s also pretty cool.

When you turn 26, you…get your own insurance. Fun.

But…after that?

What then?

The media seems to fancy the narrative that everyone stops being capable of badassery between ages 17–22. After that, characters are usually 30+, and they’re considered ‘seasoned’ or ‘older’. …

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What’s the result of excessive deprivation and discipline for long periods of time to attain what you perceive as the true form of yourself?

It’s different for everyone. For me, the result is in the title.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (Feb. 21–28) in 2021 just passed, and it feels like the right time to tell my story.

You already know there are two big elephants in the room. Breaking down each one is important to realize how these two different-looking jigsaw pieces can slot together.

Disordered Eating vs. Eating Disorders

“Wait, there’s a difference?” some of you may be asking.

In an age where…

Jessica Meszaros

Professional editor and writer. Recreational illustrator. Based in St. Louis.

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